Integrated Massage

Integrated Massage

Integrated massage is a term used to denote the blending of various styles of massage and body-work. The subsequent blend is unique to the individual practitioner and the diversity of techniques available to the therapist means that there is an increased chance the massage will meet your individual needs. In particular I use the term integrated massage to denote my 1.5 and 2 hour massage sessions.

My style of integrated massage blends together shiatsu, remedial & sports massage, aromatherapy, reiki and do-in. I bring to each massage over 20 years experience in shiatsu and do-in.

Working on a futon on the floor allows me the use of the full range of shiatsu techniques during the massage. Working on the floor also means that my centre is above my work. This allows pressure to come from relaxation and the use of my whole body weight. Both shiatsu and remedial massage employ various forms of stretching most of which can be applied on the floor, however where appropriate I may briefly swap to a massage couch to perform any stretch that needs a raised position.

Depth of pressure can range from, very light, even off body, to full body weight, including walking on the body. Application of pressure is specific to the individual client, determined by the body's needs and clients wishes.

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